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You can see Taxi Diamond’s innovative side at work in our customized services. Our objective? Offer you a dependable, efficient, cost-effective taxi: the Smart Cab!
  • Our most dependable service: Taxi Charge coupons
  • Our most efficient service: The Taxi Diamond mobile app
  • Our most cost-effective service: The AIR MILES ® reward program

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Taxi Diamond has all the youthful energy it had back when it was founded in 1922. Here's the proof: Our taxi network is the biggest in Quebec. With over 1,000 cars combing the city and computer aided dispatch software, our team offers courteous, quick service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure that our clients get the best customer experience possible, we developed highly effective digital tools like our free app. Now you can use our app to order a taxi with your smart phone. Businesses can also count on Taxi Diamond. A business account with us opens the door to a whole range of services.

Hit the road with Taxi Diamond, and relax.

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